First Time Well Owners

There are a number of advantages to having your own private water system. Water wells can give you years of dependable service when properly maintained. The following information will provide basic knowledge about your well system.

Bacterial Testing
It is the responsibility of the homeowner to make sure the water supply is safe and free of contamination. Every precaution is taken during the drilling and pump installation process to ensure the water is safe for consumption. It is always a good practice to have your well water tested before using it. The El Paso County Health Department will test a water sample for $20 using their specifically required sample bottle which is available at their facility on West Garden of the Gods Road. To test your water, simply follow the instructions on how to collect and return the sample to them. Testing is available Monday through Thursday. The test results are usually available the following day after 11 A.M. If your test results indicate contamination contact us at: 719-683-7512 to schedule a service call.

Water Treatment
Water quality varies considerably in the Pikes Peak region. It is not unusual to discover a taste, odor or hardness problem in a home system. We recommend Affordable Water Service for any treatment that may be needed. The company specializes in well water treatment and has demonstrated honesty and reliability for many years. Affordable Water Service can be contacted at 719-548-0313.

Dirty or Sandy Water
After a new well is constructed, it is not uncommon for it to produce water containing dirt or debris. Occasionally this happens because the well is not quite fully developed, meaning that everything down the well has not quite settled into place yet. This problem can easily be remedied by turning on the water and letting it flow for a period of time. In other words, find a place outside where running water will do no harm, turn it on all the way (no sprinklers) and let it run. It could take as long as 24 or 36 hours to clean up the water or as little as an hour or two. During the process, run some of the water into a light colored bucket or something similar, let it settle and see if any debris remains. Occasionally, some wells will produce sand. Sand can become a serious problem if not addressed right away. If your well continues to produce sand, contact us at: 719-683-7512 to schedule a service call.

Low Producing Wells
Wells that produce less than five gallons per minute generally are considered low producers. With this type of well, some adaptation may be required as to the way you use your water. As a rule, it should produce an adequate amount of water to go about a daily routine inside your house. However, if your well permit allows outside use, be careful not to overuse your water supply. In most cases, low producing wells will have electronic pump protection installed to turn the pump off for a predetermined amount of time if water drops to a low level in the well. The amount of time the pump is turned off is based on the recovery rate of the well.

In some cases, low producing wells will require a cistern system to store water for more consistent use. If your system includes a cistern, it may not necessarily have the required volume to support unlimited use of your water. Cistern systems require more equipment, monitoring and maintenance.
Running toilets or leaky faucets create problems that can lead to low producing well systems causing a drain on your cistern and / or well, possibly leaving you without water.

If you do experience a problem, or just have some questions contact us at: 719-683-7512

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