An icon of the American west, we install and service genuine functioning windmills. Whether you’re looking to water livestock or enhance your landscape, we have a windmill that is right for you.
Windmills — Windmill Service, In Falcon, CO
Windmill technicians are quickly becoming more and more scarce. Barnhart Pump is one of the few remaining companies that still install and service windmills. In fact, we maintain windmills on the two largest cattle operations in El Paso County.

Windmills add an aesthetic punctuation to any western landscape. With a windmill, you can transform your home into a ranch-homestead. Our genuine working windmills are identical in every way to the water-pumping versions. If you truly want to live on a homestead, there is no compromise to a real windmill!
Windmills had their place in our history by pumping water before electric motors were available. Today electricity is widespread, although sometimes power availability in the center of a 400 acre pasture may not be practical. Furthermore, powering a pump for a large herd of cattle can turn into a costly bill each month. Windmills effectively solve both of these problems by pumping water without the use of electricity, creating a totally self sustaining source of water.

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