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Years of experience have given us unique insight into which company drills the best wells based on location. We can recommend a drilling contractor that is best suited for your situation
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Not All Well Drillers Are The Same!
Water well drilling today is very specialized in the Pikes Peak region considering the wide range of geologic conditions. From shallow wells around 50 feet deep in the Fountain and City of Colorado Springs areas to over 1,000 feet deep in areas along the Eastern plains. The drilling may be easy going to reach the aquifers under the plains east of the mountains, but just a few miles away in the foothills, solid granite can be encountered for hundreds or thousands of feet. These variable geologic conditions demand a prequalified driller be chosen for a specific location.

Barnhart Pump Company
specializes in pump and water systems leaving the construction of wells to experts in the drilling industry. With the advancement of pump system technologies, Barnhart Pump has become the cutting edge leader in the design, installation and repair of water well systems in the Pikes Peak Region.

Recommending vs. Subcontracting
We recommend drillers instead of subcontracting them, saving you money. Our commitment is to provide you with the best pump system available.

Permit Assistance
Barnhart Pump can assist with the application process for obtaining permits to drill new wells, replace existing wells, changes in ownership, and old well abandonment documents. We provide assistance with these services free of charge, except for fees required by the Colorado Division of Water Resources for the permitting process.
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Well Cleaning

A typical water well is subject to mineral buildup, sand or bacterial issues over time. It is not uncommon for wells that are constructed properly to provide good clean water for many years. Some wells may require periodic cleaning to remove mineral buildup such as iron or manganese. Barnhart Pump Company has the specialized capability to inspect the condition inside a water well. Evaluating mineral buildup or identifying a crack in a well casing causing a sand problem or source of contamination is our expertise. Well video camera inspection service (link to page) can identify problem areas and render assessment as to the amount of mineral build-up and whether or not it has become problematic.
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Iron bacteria when in the presence of oxygen precipitates out of solution causing an orange or brown staining of household plumbing fixtures, water-related appliances and points of discharge (garden hose, etc.) Over time, iron buildup creates additional problems such as plugging up pumps, pipes and clogging perforations in well casings which allow for entry of water into the well. These issues can cause low production, low pressure and decreased water volume to the house.

Buildup of mineral deposits can be mitigated through several different processes depending on the severity of the situation. A well casing is cleaned after removing the pump utilizing a brushing system. The perforated sections of the well casing in addition to the static water level zone can be scoured clean of mineral build-up. Heavy deposits of iron and mineral build-up that the brushes remove are lifted out of the well casing using a bailer. The bailing process can aid a great deal in restoring the production of a well. When a bailer enters the well, displacement forces water back out through the perforated section in the casing. When raised back up the well, it pulls water back in through the perforations creating a suction effect. The aggressive movement of water back and forth through the perforations flushes out mineral buildup. The process effectively cleans out the perforated section of the well allowing for greater volume of water production.

Although there is no universal fix for every well problem that may occur hundreds of feet below ground, brushing and bailing can be a very effective method of increasing the performance of a water well.
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