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A reliable pump is a key component of a well. Without it, the best well is useless. We carry a complete line of professional grade pumps engineered to accommodate any system.
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There are two main types of pumps for general household use:.

  • Submersible pumps installed inside a well to pump water to the surface and then to a pressure tank..
  • Jet pumps installed above ground drawing water to the surface through a vacuum process. Jet pump systems are typically used only in shallow well and cistern applications.
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Pressure Tanks
A pressure tank is a reservoir that maintains a preset air charge and gives the pump a cushion to build pressure against. The tank stores a small amount of water that is pushed out by the preset air charge when there is a call for water. This allows use of water without the pump turning on every time a sink is used or a toilet flushed. After most of the water is pushed out of the tank, a pressure switch turns the pump on to rebuild the pressure in the tank.

Pressure Switches
A pressure switch is a mechanical device that turns the pump on and off according to the preset pressure settings. For most standard systems, the switch turns the pump on at 40 P.S.I. and then turns the pump off when the pressure reaches 60 P.S.I.

Constant Pressure / Variable Frequency Drives
These newer system features can offer several advantages over conventional systems, including more consistent pressure and extended pump life span. For more information, please visit our Constant Pressure Systems.
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Booster Pumps
This type of pump can be utilized for both household and / or irrigation. Booster pumps provide solutions for:

  • Low city water pressure
  • Gravity fed water tanks/cisterns
  • Extended pipe lines
Booster pumps are controlled by a typical pressure switch, magnetic contactor, or by the latest technology in Variable Frequency Drives that offer the benefits of Constant Pressure Systems
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Solar Pumps
When there is a demand for water and power is not available or you just want to stay off grid, solar pumps are an efficient, cost effective way to provide water to your home, livestock or as a back up water supply. We sell and install solar pump systems by Grundfos and Lorentz to fit a wide range of applications and can size a system to accommodate your needs. Simple Pump manufacturers a high quality hand pump that we offer which can be operated by a 12v motor powered by solar panels.

Hand Pumps
A basic way to provide water when power is unavailable and demand is low. Hand pumps provide a critical backup system when experiencing a loss of power or when the primary electric pump fails. In the past, it has been difficult and potentially expensive to add a hand pump to a well that is equipped with a electric submersible pump. We are a local distributor for Simple Pump, a cost-effective backup system that is designed to fit alongside a submersible pump in most 4″ – 8″ wells. Visit our Simple Pump page for more information.

Sump Pumps
Keeping water out of a basement or well pit is of utmost importance as costly repairs could be incurred should a leak occur or when rising ground water presents a problem. We sell and install sump pumps to handle many different applications, as well as sumps, float controls and water level alarms.

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