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Have you ever thought about how much you depend on water? Besides the obvious need for sustaining life, we use water for many things often taking it for granted. Bathing, cleaning, cooking, and flushing toilets are all made possible by water.

In the event of a lack of power for any number of reasons, a water source is the most important resource to have. Fire can provide heat and light but you cannot simply create water as you can fire. Having a dependable backup/emergency water supply or manual hand water pump on your well will mean the difference between maintaining a self sufficient home or the reality of not having the one resource you cannot live without.
Water Source — Elbert County In Falcon, CO
Barnhart Pump sells and installs Simple Pump hand pump systems that efficiently provide water, even under pressure, to your home in the event of a power outage. We also sell and install cistern systems and water storage tanks for daily use or as backup water storage.
Cistern with provisions for manual fill and hand pump — Elbert County In Falcon, CO
Cistern w/ provisions for manual fill and hand pump.
Hand pump in stored postion — Elbert County In Falcon, CO
Hand pump in stored postion.
Hand pump in usable state — Elbert County In Falcon, CO
Hand pump in usable state
Additionally, we sell and install rainwater collection/harvesting cisterns to put to beneficial use moisture coming off of the roof of your home. As long as you have a domestic well permit and have applied for and received a free permit with the Division of Water Resources, we can legally install a cistern that simply collects the water or a system that recycles it to keep it as fresh as possible. A hand pump or solar pump can also be installed in the cistern to provide water to the house if transporting via buckets is not feasible.

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