Well Cleaning

A typical water well is subject to mineral buildup, sand or even bacterial issues over time. Some wells, if constructed properly, provide good clean water for many years with little or no indication of problematic issues.  Others may require periodic cleaning to remove mineral buildup such as iron or manganese.

Barnhart Pump Company has the specialized ability to inspect the condition inside a water well.  Evaluating how much mineral buildup there is or finding a crack in a well casing causing a sand problem or source of contamination is our expertise.  Well video camera exploration can pinpoint problem areas and provide an assessment as to whether or not mineral buildup has occurred and if so, how much.  Visit the Water Well Video Inspection Service page to learn more.

Iron bacteria when in the presence of oxygen precipitates out of the solution and ends up becoming what most people notice as an orange or brown staining of household plumbing fixtures, water-related appliances and points of discharge (garden hose, etc.)  Over time, iron buildup will create problems plugging up pumps, pipes and clogging up the perforations in the well casing, which allow for entry of water into the well.  These issues can cause low water production, low water pressure and decreased volume to the house.

Buildup of minerals can be mitigated through several different processes depending on the severity of the situation.  The well casing itself can be cleaned after removing the pump from the well.  Utilizing a brushing system, the perforated area of the well in addition to the static water level zone can be scoured clean of mineral build-up.  Followed by the use of a bailer, heavy deposits of iron and minerals that the brushes remove are lifted out of the well casing.  The bailing process can aid a great deal in restoring the production of a well.  When the bailer enters the well, the displacement forces water to move back out through the perforations in the casing.  When being pulled back up the well, it will pull water back in creating a suction effect.  The aggressive movement of water back and forth through the perforated casing section flushes out mineral buildup.  This process effectively cleans out the perforations allowing a greater volume of water to enter the well increasing overall production and restoring pressure.

Although there is no guaranteed fix for every well problem that may occur hundreds of feet below ground, brushing and bailing of a well can be a very effective method of cleaning. If mineral buildup is severe enough, an acid mix specially formulated for breaking down mineral deposits can be used under certain circumstances.


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